Paper jams and paper handling

* The printer displays a jam error message, but there is no paper stuck.
* You have cleared a paper jam but the error message remains.
* Error messages “Jam C”, “Jam E”, “Jam F”, “Jam MP”, “Jam LC”, “Jam G”, “ADF Jam”.
* The paper keeps jamming.
* The printer is not picking up the paper.
* These models: AcuLaser C1100, CX11N, CX21N and all variants.

Error messages: if an error message remains after clearing a jam and closing the covers, then power the printer off and on again.

* If the error has now cleared, try printing again. You can also test the printer by printing a Status Sheet

* If the error does not clear, either there is still an obstruction or there is a problem with the printer.

“Jam MP E” error message: see below for specific points to check, if you keep receiving this error.
A bad paper jam, for instance where too much paper has been fed through at once, may cause parts to become misaligned or damaged.
   1. Open the MP Tray and remove all the loaded paper.
   2. Referring to Figure 3 below, check the position of the main paper pickup roller (1). Note the angle of the semi-circular white plastic guides (2) to either side of the central roller:

If your rollers are in a different position, you can try to rotate them. Push on the central roller or outer sections to rotate them in a clockwise direction:

Open Cover E:

    * Check thoroughly for any foreign objects, paper fragments or evidence of damaged parts.

    * Check the black plastic flap at the base of the section (marked ‘1’ in Figure below). It should be clipped into both sides of the printer, and you should be able to move the flap up and down:

 Close all the covers, and power off the printer. Wait 10 seconds, then power it on again. Load a single sheet of plain paper and test the printer by attempting to print a You can also test the printer by printing a Status Sheet


How to replace the Photoconductor Unit

The following handling precautions must be observed:
* The photoconductor unit (PCU) weighs 2.8kg (6.16 lb). Be sure to hold it firmly by the handle when carrying it.
* The PCU is light-sensitive. Avoid exposing it to light any longer than necessary.
* Be careful not to scratch the surface of the drum and transfer belt. Also, avoid touching the drum, since oil from your skin may permanently damage its surface and affect print quality.
* Avoid tilting the PCU.

1.  Power the printer on, and open Cover B.
2.  Raise the orange lever inside Cover B.

3. Raise the orange lever inside Cover B.
4. Remove the photoconductor unit.

5. Take the new photoconductor unit out of its package, and remove the protective sheet.

* Do not touch the transfer belt on top of the unit, or the blue photoconductor drum. Otherwise, the print quality may decline.
* Do not touch the parts inside the printer.

6. Hold the photoconductor unit by its handle, and align it with the arrow marks on the printer. Insert the unit until it clicks shut.

7.  Push the orange lever down, and then close Cover B.
8.  The printer will begin to warm up. The procedure is now complete.

Error message Service Req Cxxxx

AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N: Error message “Service Req Cxxxx”  The following steps should enable you to resolve the problem.

Disconnect the printer from the data source

Remove the data cable from the printer, leaving the printer connected only to the power cable. (The data cable is the USB, parallel or network cable connecting the printer to another device).
*** Important: if you are using a parallel connection, power off the printer and the computer or other piece of equipment it is connected to before disconnecting the cable. Then power the printer back on before proceeding with the next step.

Clear the printer’s print job memory

If the data light is flashing, it indicates that there is a print job in the printer’s memory. Follow the steps below to clear it:
AcuLaser C1100(N): Hold the Cancel Job button for 3 seconds until you see “Cancel All Print Job” on the display
Release the Cancel Job button. The data light should stop flashing, indicating that the memory is now clear.

Epson Aculaser C1100 Printer

The Epson Aculaser C1100/C1100N is a laser printer is ideal for small and medium size printing tasks. The average speed of the printer for a text document is 25 pages per minute. The average page yield of each cartridge is 4,000 pages for the color and 4,000 pages for the black at a 5% coverage, which is usually a regular letter size page with text.

The Epson Aculaser C1100/C1100N printer is by far, a very solid printing machine. It is important to understand the limitations of the printer. Many users don’t follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in terms of paper weights and sizes. Again, it is not recommended to do any alterations to the voltage required by the printer to function normally, since the Epson C1100 is a very popular product in many countries , users try to adapt the printer to their local settings. Keep the printer serviced and clean reducing waste and obtaining more page yield per cartridge in all colors.